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A Springtime Old Town Leesburg Senior Session

Fun-loving is the best word that describes her. A high-school senior, braving the quarantine, who knows that she's missing out on prom and friends and probably her graduation. But despite all of that, she's having a blast. And as we move from place to place in old Town Leesburg, she keeps finding awesome locations with bright backgrounds. What she doesn't realize is that she shines brighter than all of those places.

What I enjoyed most about this session was that Kirstin was not afraid to take risks or pose in front of random strangers. She'd throw her head back and laugh and give me the greatest pictures. It was cold, but she didn't care. Her smile said warm weather the entire time.

Kirsten - I've known you for two years, and I count myself so lucky to have been your teacher. You walk into the room singing. You support everyone with Writing Center therapy. Your enthusiasm for life is inspiring. And you never give up. If something goes wrong, you find a solution and move forward. Thank you for the hours of laughter and hilarious stories. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you!!

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