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A Family Photography Session at Franklin Park in Round Hill

Full disclosure: I've been friends with Kira and Nat for a very long time. Almost 20 years, in fact. Now that we both live in Loudoun County, we've been able to get together more often, and their daughter, Teagan, is one of my favorite subjects. Getting to spend a whole hour with them as a family was a rare treat, however.

As expected, Teagan stole the show. She pranced around, running back and forth with her amazing energy, but never failed to perform for the camera when I was ready. I loved watching her play with her father and snuggle with her mother. Photographing Kira with her child had me smiling the whole time, and we even convinced Nat to sneak in some romantic shots with his wife while Teagan danced around them.

They are such a beautiful family and such dear friends, and I feel very lucky to have captured this special time in their lives - especially with all of the difficulties 2020 brought to them. Thanks for trusting me with your family photos Nat and Kira! Love you guys!


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