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A Gender Reveal in Fairfax!

This mama was stunning. She greeted me, her eyes shining and eager for this exciting time in her life. When people say that pregnant women glow, they aren't exaggerating. She looked radiant.

And let me talk for a minute about their outfits. She wore the prettiest blue dress with a bit of ruffle and flounce. Dad-to-be was in a dark pink shirt. Turns out, he was convinced they were having a girl, and she was convinced they were having a boy, and I ADORE that sweet little touch. If you can't wait to see who won, take a quick scroll down and then come back.

This was such a joyful photo session. The look on their faces when when the big balloon popped was priceless. The love this couple has for one another is so obvious, and it is clear they are going to love and cherish their little one.

Parents-to-be, thank you so much for letting me share in this happy occasion. I hope you treasure these photos, and I know that when your baby girl grows up, she love them.

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