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A Family Photography Session in Lovettsville, Virginia

I'm always excited to photograph people in new places, so when this family mentioned they'd like their pictures at their own home, I was particularly happy. They live tucked in to the Lovettsville countryside, surrounded by rolling hills and farmland. And to my delight, they were as much fun to photograph as their gorgeous homestead!

A lot of tweens hate to be photographed, but these two totally humored me (and, I'd like to think, actually enjoyed themselves). Clearly, there was a great deal of love in this family, and I enjoyed watching them interact - they laughed together, told one another hilarious secrets, and smiled for the camera like champs. At the end of the session, the whole family played with their two entertaining dogs, which made for a perfect finish.

Weatherbee family, thank you for allowing me to spend time with you. You're lovely people, and I feel so lucky that you trusted me to capture your memories in 2020.


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