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While lifestyle photography is most often a term associated with portraits, I use its specialized focus to make small businesses come alive.  Your business has a unique personality, unique goals, and a unique brand.  By focusing on the details and the "personality" of your company, I can use photographs to give it life.

I'm Committed to Providing a Relaxed, Professional, Meaningful Session

I focus on what makes your company special.  What sets it apart from the competition. 
I help give your business a life.  I help you tell its story.

My Business has a Story?

Yes!  And I'm not just talking about how it began.  If you think about it, your business has its own personality.  By highlighting the different aspects of your company through photographs, I can help you reach your ideal clients.

  • Styled images of storefront
  • Environmental shots of outdoor space
  • Portraits of owners
  • Vignettes of workspace details
  • Portraitures of workspace
  • Photographs of product creation
  • Portraits of products
  • Carefully styled display images
  • Aesthetic close-ups of products
  • Portraitures of products in use
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  • Shots of staff in action
  • Photos of customers
  • Vignettes of the day-to-day 
  • Authentic candid moments
  • Capturing the joy in your business

My Pricing is Simple and All-Inclusive, Because Your Time Matters

Having to choose your favorite images is hard and time-consuming!  I don't want to limit the images  that are edited and presented in your gallery.  My style of photography results in a creative collection that authentically captures your business' brand, providing plenty of varitey.

What's Included in a Session?

Your session fee includes a photography session that lasts roughly 90 minutes.  Particularly large companies, or those that want additional photographs of staff, will be longer with a different price point.  You will also receive all the high-resolution digital files from your gallery, a minimum of 75, to keep, print, and use as you see fit. Galleries are hosted online and can be shared with whomever you wish.

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