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A Neighborhood Block Party

A husband and wife who are universally loved up and down the block hosted us. A family of three with a beautiful toddler were already there when my husband and I arrived.

One of our neighbors - Sybil - hustled across the street with a complete taco bar. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, she couldn’t operate her Soul Food Sensations food truck, which worked out well for us because we were treated to a feast. Sybil’s husband and youngest son - whose wife is pregnant - were visiting as well from Seattle.

Later, we were joined by another couple, who own Hive Bakery in Brunswick, MD, and they treated us to cake in a cup and other delicious goodies.

We talked. We laughed. We watched the little girl run around and keep us entertained. When the sun went down the fire pit came out and we played games until late in the night.

I have the best neighbors in the world.

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