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A Family's Farewell to Loudoun County

Her smile is infectious. As she runs through the soft, green grass, her baby-blond hair flows behind her. With a joyful laugh, she dodges her father. Behind her, the girl's mother runs as well, chasing her beautiful little girl. They dash about, all smiles and fun, amidst the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the trees which line them, shining in the setting sun.

Watching this simple game of chase would be enough to lighten even the darkest of moods, because the love that existed in this simple game of chase was palpable. While I loved shooting every second with this sweet family of three, watching them play was my favorite part. It was completely natural for them - something I can tell they must do every day.

Lockheed family - it was such a joy to spend this afternoon with you. We had a stunning scene, with rolling hills and the sunset in the background, but what stands out is the beauty of your family. You are kind and loving towards one another. Your sense of humor had me laughing the whole time. And Kristin - if it weren't for you, my bag would still be in that field!

I know you are moving to Colorado this summer, and I hope these images help you cherish the memories you've shared in Loudoun County. I'm so glad I had the chance to get to know you before you left.

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