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Soul Food Sensations' Authentic Southern Cuisine at Eat LOCO One Loudoun

You can't miss the orange tent. In a sea of white, it stands out, beckoning you with its bright color. As you grow closer, however, the color will cease to be what keeps you moving forward. Instead, you'll be unable to resist the delicious smells of fried chicken and fish; fresh, creamy macaroni and cheese; perfectly cooked collard greens; and oh my goodness that delectably crusty peach cobbler.

The day was HOT, but it didn't stop the owners - husband and wife team Sybil and Mark Terry - from safely wearing masks and hurriedly dishing out the steaming hot food. I camped out behind the tent, having so much fun arranging their food. It was so easy to create appetizing pictures, because the food speaks for itself. I won't lie. I snuck in several bites in-between takes. I couldn't help it. The food was so YUMMY!

In all seriousness, though, the Terrys are the nicest people you'll meet. They take a great deal of pride in their food, and offer friendly customer service. And did I mention the amazing food??

Make sure you visit their website:


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