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Exploring Back Street Brews Coffee and Tea House in Lovettsville, Virginia

This isn't the kind of coffee shop where you roll in, place your order, and skedaddle. This is a place that is charming. It draws you in with its eclectic collection of knickknacks and paintings. The tables and chairs are all different, but they complement one another. Bright red stools. Green, vinyl short-back seats. Inside there are round, wooden tables - short and tall. And as bright and welcoming as it is outside, inside is dimmer - cozier. The kind of place where you want to sit and enjoy your tea and muffin.

Maureen, the owner, is as wonderful as her shop. She has a friendly voice and a happy smile. She is so accommodating, and the moment you speak with her you feel like she's your friend. Today, it was slow at 1:00p.m. on Monday because of the quarantine. She sat outside in the sun, talking to the customers who wandered in to order at the outside bar. Not surprisingly, they stayed to chat with her. She knew them by name, of course.

This place! It's a local favorite, and today I got to see exactly why everyone I know says it's their go-to coffee and tea shop. Photographing Back Street Brews was so much fun! I'm so glad Maureen allowed me to invade the space and explore all of its beauty.

Remember, friends, this time is hardest on small businesses. If you live in Western Loudoun, come get an amazing coffee, latte, tea, or treat from Back Street Brews Coffee and Tea House. You can find it on 11 Pennsylvania Avenue in Lovettsville, and they are open every day. You won't be disappointed. I promise.

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