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Senior Session at Blandy Experimental Farm

Kiki may have been freezing, but you wouldn't know it. She was the perfect addition to glowing sun and the delicate ginkgo leaves which fluttered to the ground, covering it in a yellow blanket.

What I loved about photographing Kiki was that she was completely up for anything. She's naturally stunning, of course, but she was so down to earth and willing to walk long distances in cold, windy weather to get the perfect shots!

As our session came to a close and the glow of the sunset settled in behind her, I got one of my favorite shots of all time. With her head thrown back, she is enveloped in sunlight, which I believe perfectly captures her sweet, fun-loving personality. It's a picture I'll be sharing with people for years.

Kiki - I'm so happy for you! Graduating from high school is such a momentous occasion, and I feel blessed that I got to celebrate this year with you!

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