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Bolivar Heights Senior Session

The best word to describe her is classic. Her long, brown hair and big, beautiful eyes are impossible to ignore and, as we look out over the incredible scenery of Bolivar Heights, West Virginia, she is the epitome of the girl next door.

Truthfully, Hayley's personality DOES fit that description. She is the kindest person, with a smile that invites you in and makes you excited to spend the evening with her. Best of all, she wasn't afraid to put her whole self into the session, and she let her silly side come out. I asked her to spin, and she spun, smiling and laughing the whole time. Hayley tried to tell me that she doesn't look photogenic when she isn't smiling, but I'm sure you can agree that I proved her wrong. She isn't just photogenic. She's stunning.

As our session wound down and the sun began to set, the perfect sun-lit glow emerged behind her, as bright as her personality. She's a future James Madison University student, and the Dukes are so lucky to have her! Good luck next year, Hayley!

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