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A Sweet Family Photography Session at Claude Moore Park

I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day: stunning blue sky, seventy-degree weather, and the gorgeous glow of the setting sun.

The family was equally as lovely. I've known Jessica for several years; she is calm and kind and has a beautiful soul. Her husband and her darling baby girl have the same demeanor. You can see the love that exists between them with the way they so naturally come together.

So of course, photographing them was a total joy! Sweet Emmy, who was up past her bedtime, was so easy to photograph. She is obviously inquisitive, and she studied everything around her with those gorgeous, sparkling blue eyes. She snuggled in close to her mama, which made my heart melt, and produced happy grins when she played with her daddy, who tossed her gently up in the air.

It was such a pleasure to watch them interact lovingly with one another and to capture that love on camera.

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